Spin & Emergency Maneuver Training (EMT)

This training is especially designed to help pilots get out of sticky situations and develop a deeper understanding of their aircraft and its capabilities. Most importantly this training this training will educate you on how recover from a spin with confidence and safety.

the syllabus

Below is a brief outline of the key skills you will learn when you completing your instructor training. 



Ground Briefings

Never fear an unexpected spin again. You will learn the exact aerodynamics of a spin, why and how they happen. Most importantly, you will know how to recover confidently while staying safe. 

Now you will learn how to manoeuvre an aircraft out of a sticky situation. You know also develop an understanding of the capabilities of your aircraft and how to manage a high pressure situation. 

The ground briefings will give you a deep understanding of the theory behind why some pilots get in these situations and how to use aerodynamics and your aircraft to your advantage to recover and stay safe. 

Course Outline

Dual Flight Training Hours

Ground Briefings



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