Navigation Endorsement

Expand your skills and add a Navigation Endorsement to your Recreational Pilot Certificate so you can soar the skies all across Australia

The syllabus

Below is a brief outline of the key lessons you will learn when you complete your navigation training. 

flight plan

navigate aeroplane

Lost procedures

Arrival procedures

Welcome to the Party!

At the beginning of your training you will be taught how to organise and analyse charts and documentation required for navigation flights. 

Now the fun begins…

You will learn how to maintain your flight plan, check and revise your Waypoint ETA’s and track maintenance and corrections made through out the flight. 

Leave Google Maps at home

You will be exposed to lost procedures – where you will track a new destination or diversion point, calculate a revised ETA and establish radio communication. 

Every plane has to land – eventually.

During your training, you will get to practise arrival procedures at a range of airports in accordance with their airspace requirements


Course Hours

Dual Flight Hours

Solo Flight Hours



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