GA to ra conversion

Being RA certified does not just mean you can fly for fun, it also opens doors for further training. While some of your GA endorsements will convert directly to your RA certification, you are also able to attain further endorsements such as High and Low Performance, Nose and Tail wheel, Formation, Retractable Undercarriage and many more.


The short answer is why not? With only 5 flying hours needed to be RA certified you can expand your ability and fly RA rated aircraft.

You may think that all flying is the same, and you would be right. While the basics of flying various aircraft remain the same, but RA aircraft are significantly lighter. For this reason you are required to spend a minimum of 5 flying hours (with at least 1 solo hour) in a RA aircraft before you can convert your GA licence to be RA certified.


On average, hire costs for RA planes are cheaper for both dual and solo hours then GA planes. 


You only need to hold a medical equivalent to that required to drive a motor vehicle. 

new plane

At Leading Edge you will complete all your training in a brand new Bristell LSA equipped with digital displays. 


Course outline

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