Floating Hull

A Floating Hull Endorsement (FHE) will give you the freedom to explore and roam the skies and then land on water, never needing an airstrip again! This endorsement is a great chance to challenge yourself, expand your flying knowledge and tick something off the bucket list.

the syllabus

Below is a brief outline of the key skills you will learn when you completing your floating hull endorsement. 

Flight Training

Ground Briefings

General Knowledge

Water flying is a huge learning curve. Our package includes 10 dual flight training hours to ensure that you are confident handling the plane in the air and on the water. 

You will complete a number of ground briefings, including both long and pre-flight briefings. These briefings provides you with the theory behind the practical flying. 

Your training will also include seaplane general knowledge. This will give you a deep understanding of water handling, rough water operations and sailing. 

Course Outline

Dual Flight Training Hours

Ground Briefings



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