It's time to take off

Leading Edge’s skilled instructors will get you flying solo in no time. Reach your limit and then fly above it…

Real Adventure

Become an explorer and explore the land from the sky.


You can achieve your childhood dreams or start ticking things off your bucket list.

No Excuses

There are no age restrictions on learning to fly - so just sign up already!

Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC)

An RPC is the first step in your journey to becoming a pilot. This Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) qualification allows people of all ages to learn to fly – easily. 

  • This certificate will allow you to pilot a light sport aircraft within 25 miles of your home aerodrome​.
  • Once you have this under your belt, you are able to complete a Navigation or Controlled Airspace endorsement.​
  • After only 10 solo hours, you can take your friends and family with you.

Why Leading edge?

  • No Landing Fees
  • Brand New Training Aircraft
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Low Traffic Airport
  • Competitive Hire Rates

Our first solo package

This is an exclusive package that will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to confidently fly an aircraft solo. Whether you are ticking things off your bucket list or starting a life long love affair with aviation – you cannot go wrong with this package. 

  • Tick 'pilot an aircraft solo' off your bucket list.
  • Your first solo hour included.
  • Discounted further training.

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What Our Customers say

Fantastic aircraft and a great learning environment with exceptional facility and location. Hard to find a better place to learn how to fly affordably.

Paul Grimes